About us

NMY Group Otomotiv

As NMY Otomotiv, we have been providing spare parts import, sale and service in automotive sector for 27 years. Our aim is to realize the needs of our customers in the shortest time and in the right way with our experienced and reliable business ethics, quality products and expert staff who are knowledgeable about spare parts as the leader of the sector.

Our spare parts never pose a safety risk or quality problems. We provide trouble-free service with our experience and reliability in the sector. We import, export and wholesale spare parts of BMW and Land Rover vehicles.

We are always one step ahead in the sector by following technological developments in the automotive sector and innovations in the industry and providing economic solutions appropriate to these innovations.

27 Years Experience

Many years of experience in the automotive industry

Expert Staff

Possibility to work with staff specialized in the sector

BMW and Land Rover Brands

Spare parts sales and service of BMW and Land Rover vehicles

The Right Solution in a Short Time

Understanding the desired service as soon as possible and solving it correctly